get balanced

 What is YBT?

Having control of your limbs requires a stable core.

The Y Balance Test was developed through years of research in injury prevention and identification of motor control changes that occur after injury. The YBT is a simple way to measure a person’s motor control and demonstrate functional symmetry.

The result? A map that identifies roadblocks to a person’s functional performance both in rehabilitation and performance worlds.

One of the biggest challenges rehabilitation and strength and conditioning professionals face is returning an athlete to a sport in a safe manner. As part of a battery of tests, the Y Balance Test can tell your trainer if your motor control has returned to normal. In those difficult situations, where emotions are high, the YBT makes the call.

The Y Balance Test has the power to remove the guesswork. It gives you answers to all the difficult questions.  Am I improving? Am I ready to return to my sport? The test gives definitive information about your movement. The test strengthens your conviction and helps you make the right call.