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Achilles Repaired (Dr. Joshua Van Gompel) Dec 1, 2017 Rotator Cuff Repaired (Dr. Soheil Motamed) Feb 28, 2018 I'm a notoriously slow healer, but after 4 months of twice a week therapy I couldn't be happier with where I'm at. Running & throwing again ... will chime back in if (no! when!) I successfully QB Turkeybowl 2018 or muster the courage for 13.1 again. The team & journey: 3 months with Michelle C. PT, DPT (now has private practice in Walnut Creek) 3 months with Kristen W. PT, DPT (the pride of Ojai!) 6 months with Chris G. PTT (Maui's nephew, sans hook and tattoos) Sessions with Jordan D. PT, DPT, Dhwani V. PT and Thien P. PTT (go Eagles wrestling!) too Lisa & Ana (super nice front desk duo - say hello with their names when you walk in! Who doesn't appreciate that?) did my scheduling, usually 4 weeks at a time and the voicemail 24 hours before each visit was super helpful. 50 visits and I (not they) got only one appointment time wrong ... they didn't punish me with a bill, just scrambled to find me a new time ASAP. Treatment (1 hour): 5-10 min warm-up 20 - 30 min hands on 20 - 25 min exercises with PTT 10 min ice or heat (state your preference - I always picked ice) Yes, that's usually more than 1 hour ... why? Bc they graciously let me come in early (for warm-up on the machines) & stay late (for ice - I'd usually do it in the waiting area bc they need the tables back for other patients) All sorts of tissue/joint mobilization, cupping, stretching, pressure-release massage, Graston scraping ... they are experts, but didn't act like they knew it all - they explained what & why for every technique and did not just ask you, but watched your body/face for non-verbal feedback. They pushed me to my limits (thank you!), but never to pain (thank you!) They gave me ever-challenging exercises and regularly asked me about my HEP (Home Exercise Program), but never shamed me (thank you!) They got me running & throwing again and I'm forever thankful.

Brian S. Yelp Review

This is a great place for physical therapy I highly recommend Kirsten she really pays attention to your needs and has great pressure.

Kim W. Yelp Review

I've been going to this location for about 5 weeks for post-op shoulder surgery. Overall, my sessions have been good. I get the printouts to workout between sessions. The therapists and staff are great. They are all professional and thorough. My recovery is going well with their help.

Larry J.. Yelp Review

Best Physical Therapy business in Livermore. The therapists are genuinely caring and kind and listen to your concerns. Cannot say enough about them. If you're looking for a PT in Livermore, you have found the right place. Highly recommend!

S. G. Yelp Review

I've been seeing Kevin for over 8 years. If you need serious work done, these are the guys to go to! I won't see anyone but Kevin

L.R. Yelp Review

The staff at Spine and Sports Physical Therapy are wonderful!

Harry G. Yelp Review
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